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The curriculum of a four-year degree RN-BSN Nursing Student is not one of mere science and theory. Beyond these vital sciences are the even more essential courses involving critical thinking, creativity, self-reflection, and cultural immersion. Where the “RN” portion of the four-year student’s education teaches the individual what to do to be a nurse, the “BSN” portion teaches the individual how to get there. Much like a nurse is expected to focus on the whole patient rather than simply the patient’s disease, that is how the RN-BSN degree acts; that is, the RN-BSN student is not just taught how to be a nurse, but is taught vital skills along the way to delve deeper into their job, appreciating more than what is on the surface of nursing. They are taught to think like a nurse.

This portfolio serves as a glimpse into the RN-BSN student’s curriculum. From pieces involving cultural appraisal to pieces of creative writing to pieces of self reflection and more, readers can come to appreciate the diverse and rich coursework involved in the RN-BSN student’s studies. These academic pieces act to show the student’s growing ability over the course of four years to assess situations at hand, detect issues within them, plan courses of action accordingly, implement change, and evaluate circumstances. More simply, these pieces serve to show how the involvement in the BSN curriculum teaches students to live their lives and constantly think according to the nursing process, regardless of whether or not the subject at hand is explicitly nursing.

This portfolio includes the following works by Emily Kropfl:

  1. Ethical Issues in Nursing - A Case Study - This piece analyzes a case study from the book Ethics in Nursing: Cases, Principles, and Reasoning, in which both sides of the argument are addressed to assess the many complex ethical issues faced in the field of nursing.
  2. Integrity in Nursing - A Self Reflection - This piece is a self reflection written for a Cultural Application in Nursing Practice course. Students were encouraged to reflect upon their own values based on questions proposed to them after watching the movie The Good Lie.
  3. Creative Fiction Writing - The Bicycle Man - This piece is a creative fiction essay written for a Creative Writing course reflecting upon morals, values, and purpose.
  4. Argument of Definition - Bohemian Subculture - This piece is an argumentative essay written for a Creative Writing course arguing the definition of the Bohemian Subculture.
  5. Rhetorical Analysis - Dog Krazy - This piece is a rhetorical analysis written for a Writing Intensive course analyzing a local business.

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Spring 2019



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