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This portfolio consists of works that I have completed during my time in the School of Nursing at Duquesne University. The portfolio consists of blogs, brochures, posters, reflections, and more that encapsulate not only my nursing curriculum but my public and global health minor. Each element of this portfolio demonstrates my knowledge, passion, and interest in nursing with a focus in public/global health. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum consists of science-based courses and clinical experience. Aside from the tedious and rigorous nursing courses, public health courses can be added to further educate nursing students. Being able to understand how to effectively understand and communicate public health issues can be beneficial as a nurse and can open varying job opportunities. Public health, especially during the times of COVID-19, has been proven how important it is. Education to patients, prevention programs, and more are shown in this portfolio. The majority of the work highlighted in this portfolio comes from the required public and global health courses; along with work from my Honors courses that also are focused on health related topics.

This portfolio serves as a glimpse into the RN-BSN student’s curriculum with a minor in Public Health and Global Health. I can confidently say that these minors have enriched my college experience and allowed me to be more knowledgeable as a nursing student. I hope to work in public health and feel that Duquesne’s curriculum has adequately prepared me. Overall, this portfolio highlights the effort put forth in courses and knowledge gained.

Publication Date

Summer 2022


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Nursing | Public Health | Public Health and Community Nursing

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