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Being a part of the business program here at Duquesne University is more than just an accomplishment; it is the success I have received from high school to where I am today. Going into the junior year of my undergraduate program is where I intend to put all of these successes into place. I can finally dive into what I came to this school for, which was my ultimate major. As a supply chain and information technology double major, I can look into how our country is brought together and what pieces of technology are used to make that happen. Over the first two years at this institution, I have used programs designed for coding and information studies; I have been able to figure out why all businesses have been shutting down lately. It is something that this University has made available to me, and I intend to use every last second at this school to find out where I want to go in my life.

In this portfolio, many will see products of some of the supply chain and information technology curriculums that I have been able to produce. These pieces show my development over two years as a college student and show where my errors could be made into better work for the future, and that is what is most important to anyone. This program teaches you that we strive for confidence and adaptability no matter the situation. Finding one answer to your problems is one way of solving something, but it will not be the only way. That is thinking just like a person in the business universe.

This portfolio includes works by Zachary Shane:

Challenges from Covid-19- This piece will show where issues arose and how they were solved through the supply chain aspect of it.

DU Athletics Project- This piece allows the audience to see a collection of all progress made by the varsity football team at Duquesne University and how they can improve on certain areas of struggle.

Coding Database- This piece will show a coding server that different companies use to format questions and answers between suppliers and distribution centers.

Accounting Company Project- This piece will exhibit the financials of Nike, a worldwide athletic brand, showing how this company has done over the past years and what it can improve on in the future.

The Supply Chain Problem- This piece incorporates how the supply chain has been disrupted over the past two years and how Covid-19 changed everything.

Global Reflection Paper- This piece has information regarding global health standards in the world and how others have reacted to such issues. It also contains information on steps to take to fix these issues and who is able to help along the way.

Publication Date

Summer 2022


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Management Information Systems | Operations and Supply Chain Management

Zachary Shane's Portfolio