Introductory Statement (118 KB)

Download A Research Paper - This piece is a deep dive into the demolition of the Lower Hill District by the construction of the Civic Arena and Crosstown Expressway. In relation, it discusses the Hill’s District's own, August Wilson, and his legacy and contribution to preserving the Hill’s great history and culture. (2.4 MB)

Download A Literary Critique - This piece is a critical analysis of the novella, Daisy Miller: A Study by Henry James. The societal pressure and rejection from high society form Daisy as a danger to herself and others. (79 KB)

Download A Philosophical Argumentation - This piece explores several Eastern philosophies and argues the Bhagavad Gita is the most logically sound. Throughout its entirety, I argue for the philosophy which displays the most convincing knowledge and practical evidence surrounding the subject of death and its preparation. (66 KB)

Download Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium Poster - This piece is a visual representation of the philosophical argument also included in my portfolio. I divided the poster into four parts: Introduction, Plot, Results, and Conclusion. (5.6 MB)

Download An Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships - This piece explores the aspects of two friendships in my life, one friend I made in Kindergarten and one I made in my freshman year of college. Throughout, I carefully apply relevant terminology and give examples pertaining to the subject of interpersonal relationships. (58 KB)


Throughout my time at Duquesne one element of education has remained ever constant, discovery. Not only the discovery of educational facts and critical writing techniques but the discovery of myself. As they take up the majority of my curriculum, my experiences in the English courses have been of critique, analysis, and research. These essential skills have blended into other disciplines, allowing me to effectively absorb material, annotate, and understand. English is the foundation of every class, it is how we learn, and how we read. As an English major, the wide variety of courses available has allowed my mind to utilize my skills and thus, access different pathways of thought. My curriculum has not only forged the mind of an English major but of a mind full of discovery and curiosity.

In this portfolio, I wished to select the papers and projects which informed me the most about myself, those which encouraged discovery––changing my worldview, and expanding my horizons. When learning about English, Communications, and Philosophy one inherently learns about themselves. Each of those courses taught me lessons not only in college but in my life. During my time at Duquesne, I have explored the pertinence of my friendships, the law school process, the history of Pittsburgh, 19th-century European feminism, and 2nd-century AD Hinduism texts. I selected a multi-century, cross-cultural catalog of work comprised of self-realization and innovation. Life is a learning process and Duquesne has helped guide my process and realize my full potential. To the best of my abilities, I wished to construct my portfolio as an accurate representation of my growth as a Duquesne student.

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Summer 2022


Communication | English Language and Literature | Philosophy

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