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The field of pediatric nursing is one that has captured my heart since I was 16. When I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, the only aspiration in my clearly uncertain plan was that I wanted to work with children. Soon after, I came to see the huge gratification that being a peds nurse could bring me. Through the work I have completed in my honors independent study, I have had the opportunity to focus on and learn more about this exceptional and rewarding field.

I began with comprising an educational blog focused on the general health, safety, and wellbeing of the child. With topics ranging from nutrition and allergy management to bike safety and sleep routine building, my blog’s eclectic mix is a go-to for general information on childcare for all age groups.

I then completed a short, comprehensive summary pamphlet on safe sleeping habits for newborns and infants. The pamphlet was geared towards use as a written resource for new parents to take home upon the arrival of a new baby. As a nurse we educate on many important things before a family leaves the hospital, but to ensure our teaching is not forgotten, educational materials like this one are essential.

Additional components of my research were compiled under the direction of professor Angela Karakachian, a former employee of my own work place, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, as well of professor of Nursing for Children's Health. Under her direction, I worked on a PICO style research paper examining children with disabilities, and more specifically children with autism. Through this project I gained a much clearer understanding of how nurses and society in general can work to better support these special kids.

Through my independent research and guided studies, I have gained an even greater passion to care and a more concrete objective for my career path. I hope my materials display my genuine passion for helping and healing the tiny hands and hearts that have shaped my own.

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Spring 2019


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