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This portfolio is a compilation of works completed throughout my time at Duquesne University. Consisting of five sports marketing plans, a press release, a media guide and various honors college pieces, my portfolio is a balance of my sports marketing major and my public relations minor as well as my extra work done in the honors college. Each item showcases my growth and development in learning about the world of sports business and the world of public relations.

In sports, I have gathered knowledge on how to effectively promote an array of elements I could be working with. I have developed marketing plans for individual teams (both professional and collegiate), individual players, and specific games. Each marketing plan has allowed me to gain new insight about a different aspect of sports marketing which I will apply to my career. On the public relations side, I have developed a media guide for a fictional company designed to target advertising and created a press release and advertisement for this fictional company. These projects have allowed me to gain experience creating and researching news outlets for a press release and advertisement.

As a whole, my portfolio provides evidence I am able to be successful in the sports business and/or the public relations world because it demonstrates I am able to develop creative solutions and marketing plans.

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Spring 2019



Claire Dalton's Portfolio

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