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This portfolio is a compilation of work and materials I have prepared during my time in the School of Education at Duquesne University. Its theme centers on materials that could potentially be used in a real classroom setting. Included are several lesson plans, assessment tools, and a lesson plan focused on bringing technology into the English classroom. Each lesson or assignment or presentation included is meant to be engaging to students while still fulfilling all educational goals outlined by state standards and learning objectives. Students’ attention spans continue to get shorter as we go through generations of children and classroom engagement is more important than ever. It is not always teaching students the material, but rather how to be excellent critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Materials included within this portfolio are meant to be engaging, to teach that required material while emphasizing and honing the skills students will need to succeed in school, in the workforce once they graduate, and in life. The samples included also show my growth as a pre-service educator and my constantly improving understanding of how to use standards, proper ways to assess students, how to structure a unit or a lesson, and more. One entry even includes tests and assessments I created, later revisited and improved, complete with explanations for each improvement and new addition to the original document. I have learned to adapt learning requirements and standards to make materials even more appropriate and applicable to student needs, whether that be modifying a lesson based on an individualized education plan or just making a lesson more engaging.

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Fall 2019



Casey Hoey's Portfolio

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