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The portfolio I have put together is a collection of various pieces that I have composed throughout my four years at Duquesne. Each of these have great importance to me and all together the collection reflects my values and interests in the nursing field. These pieces act to show how throughout my time in the nursing program I was redefining my values and growing from my experiences. From the very beginning of nursing school my professors challenged me to compose my own personal philosophy of nursing. Over the course of the four years, I was interested in various fields of nursing and did my own research on them to determine what was best for me. However, the various opportunities provided by the nursing program ultimately guided me to discover my passion for critical care nursing and establish what my beliefs in this field are. It is my hope that these pieces serve to show that my time as a nursing student at Duquense was not only a time of learning, but a time of transformation in discovering myself.

This Portfolio Includes the following works by Alyssa Nicklas:

  1. Personal Philosophy of Nursing – A Philosophical Essay – This piece is a philosophical essay written for a Contemporary Professional Nursing course. Students were encouraged to reflect upon their values and beliefs and write their own personal philosophy of nursing.
  2. Genetics in Nursing – Critical Reflection – This piece is a critical reflection written for a Genetics in Nursing course reflecting upon my values in the field of genetics and how I can incorporate this knowledge in my everyday nursing practice.
  3. AKI and PRISMAFLEX System – A Medical Brochure – This piece is a medical brochure that was completed as an individual project for the honors college. It serves as a teaching tool for people to learn about a condition and piece of technology seen in intensive care units.
  4. Ethical Issue in Acute Care Setting – An Argumentative Essay – This piece is an argumentative essay written for a Nursing Ethics course that analyzes both sides of a medical case of choice. Ethical principles were used in order to build an argument in support of a side.
  5. Pediatric Oncology – Link to Professional Blog – This professional blog expands upon my passion for pediatric oncology nursing and has various posts pertaining to information about pediatric oncology.

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Fall 2019


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