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This portfolio consists of works that I have completed during my time in the School of Business at Duquesne University. Consisting of marketing campaigns, blog post drafts and templates, a digital marketing analysis, and multiple honors college projects this portfolio showcases what I have learned not only in my marketing major in the business school, but in my digital media arts minor in the liberal arts school as well. Each element of this portfolio demonstrates my knowledge and passion for the digital marketing industry.

Each element of this portfolio exposed me to different elements that go into the digital marketing strategy of a company. I have been able to learn and develop drafts for digital campaigns such as creative briefs, blog posts, and social media advertisements. As well as learning how to create these elements of digital marketing, I have also learned how to analyze digital mediums, like landing and home pages on websites, as well as applying ethical principles to work that I have produced, and have seen already displayed in the digital world. These different types of projects have allowed me to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the digital marketing world, and the ability to not only create digital work, but to be able to explain all the elements, and why it will be successful for different audiences.

Overall, this portfolio showcases not only my knowledge, but also my passion for the field of digital marketing and media. It demonstrates my ability to not only create different plans and campaigns for a variety of organizations, but also to analyze the effects different digital elements can have on audiences, and why they are successful.

Publication Date

Fall 2019



Caroline Czap's Portfolio

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