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Acknowledgments (p.7)

Preface (p.8)

Foreword (p.10)

Introduction (p.13)

I. Missionary in France (p.19)

  • My Intercultural Conversion (p.20)
  • Entering the French Culture (p.22)
  • Discoveries (p.24)
  • Rethinking Our Identity (p.28)

II. Immigration and Mission (p.34)

  • African Migrants’ Pastoral: Communities on Mission (p.35)
  • Immigration and Ecclesial Identity (p.39)
  • The Migrants’ Church as Family of God (p.41)

III. Memory of Self-Donation: the Early Missionaries to Africa (p.44)

  • Total Self-Donation (p.44)
  • A New Vision of the Past (p.45)
  • Towards a New Missionary Fervour (p.48)

IV. God’s Self-Donation as Source of Mission (p.50)

  • God, the Father Who Loves to the Extreme (p.50)
  • Jesus, the Son Who Loves Like the Father (p.52)
  • The Spirit, the Gift of the Father and Son (p.53)

V. Paul: Self-Donation and the Truth of the Gospel (p.56)

  • Touched by Grace (p.56)
  • The Apostolic Existence (p.57)

VI. Francis Libermann: Missionary Practice and Self-Donation (p.59)

  • From Humiliation to Humility (p.59)
  • Missionary Practice as Kenosis (p.60)

VII. Claude Poullart des Places: Simplicity and Self-Donation (p.63)

  • Priests for the Service of the Poor (p.64)
  • Constantly Searching for the Will of God (p.67)

VIII. Mission as Witnessing to God’s Self-donation (p.70)

  • The Responsibility of the Witness (p.71)
  • The Condition of the Witness: Self-Effacement (p.74)

Epilogue (p.76)

Bibliography (p.78)

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The Memory of Self-Donation: Meeting the Challenges of Mission