13th Annual Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium


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Assessing the needs for early childhood mental health consultation upon return to school after COVID-19

Emily Kurland

Bioprinting Alginate Structures using the FRESH Method

Amanda Pellegrino, Duquesne University

Christianity and COVID: Conservative Authoritarianism

Brooke Kimet
Claire Shipley

Classical Influence on the Gynecology of the Virgin Mary

Erin Ridge

Decellularization of Spinach Leaves as an Outreach Initiative for Introducing Tissue Engineering to Elementary School Students

Clare Flanagan

Developing a Multimedia Interface for Electrical Biosignal Interpretation

Christopher Cox

Development of a Rapid Drug Detection Method for Insects using Paper Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (PSI-MS)

Alexandria Plyler

Effect of COVID-19 on Elementary Students' Use of Language Online

Emma Polen

Effects of Mechanical Institutionalization on Veteran Post-Service Re-Entry

Deidra Hubay

Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Glycemic Control in Children and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

Julianna Morgan

Going Out or Staying In: How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Influenced College Students’ Drinking and Socializing

Megan Huey, Duquesne University
Amy Yuhas, Duquesne University
Mai-Ly N. Steers, Duquesne University
Chelsie M. Young, Rowan University

Interracial Relations: History and Cultural Identity in The Invention of Wings

Taylor Hopkins

JA RUSYN BYL (I am Rusyn): Household Folk Music as Resistance to Oppression

Spencer McNeill

Mary Todd Lincoln: Duty and Depression

Bella Biancone

Project ALIEN

Rebecca McCallin, Duquesne University
Madelyn Hoying, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alex Evans, Duquesne University
Matthew Nestler, Duquesne University
Karli Rae Sutton, Duquesne University
Garett Craig, Duquesne University
Lucia Secaia Del Cid, Duquesne University
Alexander Guy, Duquesne University
Rachel Fernandez, Duquesne University
Amanda Trusiak, Duquesne University
Paige Aley, Duquesne University
Ingabire Gakwerere, Duquesne University
Nina Dorfner, Duquesne University
Maria Mosbacher, Duquesne University
Mary Flavin, Duquesne University
Selvin Hernandez, Duquesne University
Audrey Steen, Duquesne University
Benjamin Kazimer, Duquesne University

Songs of the Sea and the Sailor: Demystifying the Mythology of British Sailing Culture

Henry Strobel

Squaramide Structure and Interactions with Benzene

Serina Tressler, Duquesne University

The Issues of Biased School Dress Codes

Olivia Solomon

The Relationship Between Focused Attention and Object Permanence in Infants with Motor Delays

Amber DelPrince, Duquesne University
Melanie Tommer, Duquesne University
Claire Boe, Duquesne University
Jessica Spirnak, Duquesne University
Karl Jancart, Duquesne University
Regina Harbourne Ph.D, Duquesne University

Understanding the effect of adaptive mutations on the three-dimensional structure of RNA

Justin Cook