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URSS 2022 Program Booklet

Mary McConnell, Duquesne University

Wednesday, April 20th
12:00 AM

Analysis of Follow-up Times for Families Discharged from Opioid Addiction Treatment Facilities

Abigail Reith
Carley Reith, Duquesne University
Lindsay Moskal, Duquesne University
Rachael Neilan, Duquesne University

12:00 AM

Discovery of Sigma-2 Ligands and Prioritization of Marine Cyanobacteria Extracts for TNBC Drug Discovery

Katelyn Grenell
Andrea L. Rague, Duquesne University
Sahar Mofidi, Duquesne University
Jane E. Cavanaugh, Department of Pharmacology, Duquesne University School of Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA.
Kevin J. Tidgewell, Duquesne University School of Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

12:00 AM

How does the Harry Potter series connect to Plato's belief in the immortality of the soul and finitude of the body?

Julia Strimling

12:00 AM

Identity Formation and the Immigrant Experience

Renne Cabacungan

12:00 AM

Impact of Treatment Length on Individuals with Substance Use Disorders in Allegheny County

Cassie DiBenedetti
Kate Rosello

12:00 AM

“Madam” Elizabeth: Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley’s Sisyphean Attempt to Join the “Cult of True Womanhood”

Bella Biancone

12:00 AM

“Mecca for the Colored People”: Reexamining the Demolition of Pittsburgh’s Lower Hill District

Avishek Acharya

12:00 AM

The Next Small Step

Samiya Henry

12:00 AM