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Daniel R. Cronin


Daniel R. Cronin



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Daniel R. Cronin [1925-2018] was a veteran of World War II, serving in the US Navy from 1943 to 1946. He attended Duquesne University following his service from 1946 to 1950.


Carnegie, Pennsylvania

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2 hours 28 minutes

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Megan DeFries


Veterans; United States Navy; Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania; siblings; family; father’s death; World War II; Korean War; European Theater; Pacific Theater; Army Nursing Corps; Samson Naval Training Station; Sampson, New York; Keystone Radio School; Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania; jobs; A&P; Standard Shaft; Bryce Brothers; Lennox Glass; National Guard; sports; Duquesne University; Cornell University; parochial school; altar server; Pearl Harbor; draft; mobilization; Army Specialized Training Corps; Purple Heart; blackouts; rationing; radioman; seaman; amphibious training; beach landings; Camp Pendleton, California; Patrol Torpedo squadron; PT boats; Hollandia, New Guinea; USS Harry Lee; Coast Guard Cutter; Philippines; Liberty ship; Japanese torpedo planes; P-38 plane; air combat; naval combat; casualties; Taps; burial at sea; foxholes; General MacArthur; military discharge; college; university; civilian life; readjustment; coursework; G.I. Bill; Spiritans; Holy Ghost Fathers; Mine Safety Appliances; teaching; business; facing challenges; positive attitude; community; citizenship; post-war veteran college enrollment; Quonset huts; Duquesne campus in 1940s; getting married; starting a family; moving; retirement; life changes; Manila, Luzon, Philippines; Waiti Bay, New Zealand; Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines; Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines; communications during World War II; censorship; R&R; Australia; duties; Carrier Wave; Morse Code; semaphore; code; Fox Schedule; USS Hilo; military food; C-rations; Vehicle Landing Ships; Landing Craft Support; Willoughby AFP-9; Samar, Philippines; leisure time in military; friendships in military; disease; malaria; dysentery; convoy; difficult memories; generational differences; success; understanding differences; attending Mass; Japanese prisoners; leaving the military; reflections military service; being a good example; reflections on life


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Daniel R. Cronin

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