Unfortunately, childhood maltreatment and trauma are prevalent in society. As awareness grows, so does the research on the long-term effects early exposure to traumatic events has on the developing person. Socioeconomic hardships, psychopathologies, and cognitive deficiencies correlate with early childhood adverse experiences. This review will compare normal neurological activity and development to that of children who have experienced childhood trauma. It will also further explore various factors such as the level of trauma, the onset of exposure, duration or recurrence of trauma experienced. Finally, this review will examine the effects that manifest themselves in adulthood to further understand the detrimental effects of early childhood trauma. Future research is needed to further understand developmental deficiencies and to explore outside influences on the effects seen from early trauma. There are very little extensive studies on the developmental effects because it is very hard to study children consistently, let alone find children who are undergoing adverse experiences and then observe them systematically.


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