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Fall 12-20-2019


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Counselor Education and Supervision (ExCES)


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Debra Hyatt-Burkhart

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Matthew Joseph

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Demond Bledsoe


motivational interviewing, MI, strengths-based, supervision, outpatient, attendance


Clients missing outpatient psychotherapy sessions is a problem that impacts clients, clinicians, and clinics. Scholarly research has shown that clinicians’ use of Motivational Interviewing (MI) may help to increase attendance rates and that most often MI training is done through a single training or workshop, which may not be a sufficient means to adequately prepare clinicians to effectively use MI. The purpose of this study was to determine whether using every other week, MI-focused, strength-based group supervision after an initial MI training can increase client attendance in two community outpatient substance use disorder and mental health treatment clinics. This study investigated the client attendance rates of seven clinicians that participated in a Quality Improvement Project before and after the project, and also compared those attendance rates to clinicians from the same agency who did not participate in the project. This study investigated whether holding a professional license and the number of years in the counseling field impacted differences in client attendance. Suggestions for future research include investigating the use of a MI fidelity tool to provide regular feedback to clinicians to reflect their use of MI, exploring the role that clinician and client demographics have in attendance, using different theoretical orientations to group supervision (cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, feminist, developmental, etc.), and conducting MI supervision over longer periods of time and having supervision less frequently.