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Spring 5-6-2021


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Instructional Technology (EdDIT)


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Dr. Sandra Quiñones

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Dr. Rachel Ayieko

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John Lane

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Dr. Jason Ritter

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Dr. Julia Williams


instructional technology, introductory theater, theater, TPACK, self-study



A growing number of faculty in higher education are using technology applications in their teaching practices. However, a gap in the literature exists related to instructional technology integration in liberal arts courses. This gap also exists in theater education, where I have spent the last 20 years of my professional life. This self-study analyzed my knowledge and practice of using instructional technology in theater education. Using technological and pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) as a theoretical framework, I examined my teaching of introductory theater courses in face-to-face and online formats. As part of the inquiry process, I collected and analyzed multiple discrete data sources. My objective was to understand how I utilized instructional technology as a theater educator and how TPACK informed my practice regarding the intersection of three primary forms of knowledge: content, pedagogy, and technology knowledge. In combining the fields of instructional technology and theater education, this study offers a novel contribution to the self-study literature on teaching in higher education. The four thematic findings of this self-study begin to fill the gap in the literature and have implications for faculty development related to technology integration in the liberal arts. Furthermore, this research leads to a better understanding of technology-infused teaching and learning practices in theater as a disciplinary field. Recommendations for future research include an arts-based self-study exploring the integration of instructional technology using TPACK in costume, set, light, or sound design courses. As well as exploring the use of TPACK with learning management systems such as Desire2Learn, Blackboard, or Canvas by educators, to teach fine and performing arts courses in higher education.