Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Graduate Research Symposium was canceled. The following are papers and posters authored by students who had planned on participating in the event.


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A Case Study of Suicide by Hemlock Intoxication

Erica Maney

A Matter of Trust: Ethical Concerns Surrounding the Use of Financial Incentives in Research with Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

Adele Flaherty

A Partial Presence is No Presence: Public History Institutions and the Danger of Social Media

Alex Warren

Analysis of Cannabinoids in Vitreous Fluid

Haley Berkland

Buying History: Trends in Ohio Historical Markers

Nicole Slaven

Current Beliefs of Speech-Language Pathologists Regarding Lateralization Errors

Magdalena DiFazio
Megan Overby

DNA contamination from handled Sharpie markers used to outline bodily fluids in a forensic laboratory

Danielle Guckin

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A meta-analysis

Maram Alnahari
Ann Huang

Engaging professional advocacy through community-based participatory research and community engagement

Anastasha Homa-Earl, Duquesne University

Exploring Authenticity, Prosocial Lying, and Power in Addiction Recovery Groups: A Conceptual Model

Mahmoud Yacoub

Functional Sitting Skill Development, Sitting Posture and the Relationship to Object Permanence in Infants with Motor Delays

Karl Jancart, Duquesne University
Jessica Spirnak, Duquesne University
Claire Boe, Duquesne University
Amber Delprince, Duquesne University
Regina Harbourne, Duquesne University

Identity and Advocacy: The Missing Components in Promoting Social-Emotional Health and Self-Regulation for Multiply Marginalized Girls

JoVonne Tabb
Temple S. Lovelace, Duquesne University
Mary Comis, Duquesne University
Olajumoke Oshokoya, Duquesne University

Methamphetamine Confirmation Analysis After Controlled Vicks® VapoInhaler™ Injection Into Oral Fluid

Julia Canello BA
Stephanie Wetzel Ph.D, Duquesne University
Frederick Fochtman Ph.D, Duquesne University

Multiphysics Computational Model of Fluid Flow and Mass Transfer in Aneurysm

Tanja Cupac

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Addressing College Campus Well-Being

Gina Stephenson
Kelsey Gorman
Paige Tademaru
Heather Haley
Amy Mattila PhD, OTR/L
Kimberly Szucs PhD, OTR/L

Prevalence and acceptance of methadone recommendations in hospice and palliative care

Aishwarya Kulkarni

Recombinant Expression of Human Semenogelin Proteins and Creation of Novel Antibodies for the Detection of Human Semen

David Brown

Testing Kinship via Mitochondrial DNA on Colony vs. Non-Colony Cats

Ashley Ruddy

The Disconnect Between Forensic Science and the Lawyers and Judges Who Represent It

Hannah Reidenbaugh

The Effects of Storage Conditions and Time on Extracted Ignitable Liquids

Sierra N. Strnisa, Duquesne University
Stephanie J. Wetzel, Duquesne University

The Effects of the Evidence Preservation System (EPS) on the Storage of DNA Samples

Devin Doyle

The pediatric anti-viral immune response impairs neural stem/progenitor cell activity

Yashika Kamte
Manisha N. Chandwani, Duquesne University
Lauren A. O'Donnell, Duquesne University