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Book Review


Nicola Lucchi is an associate professor at the Jönköping International Business School, in Jönköping, Sweden. His research and teaching focus on comparative information law and policy, and the interaction between law and innovation. His current book, The Impact of Science and Technology on the Rights of the Individual, seems to be the natural progression of an earlier book Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights, which he co-edited in 2012 while at the University of Ferrara. While the earlier work was meant to demonstrate how “the legal regulation of scientific research and scientific investigations impact more and more directly on the freedom of research and therapies as well as on the broad diffusion of knowledge,” the current book amalgamates a series of case studies from a variety of jurisdictions (including the European Union, the United States as well as other legal systems) where scientific and technological issues intersect with individual legal rights, “such as freedom of expression, right to health, knowledge production, Internet content regulation, accessibility and freedom of scientific research.”