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Anima Una (ID and Anima Una)

Anima Una is a Spiritan Generalate publication which continues the series Information Documentation (I/D) as a tool for the formation and animation of Spiritans. For more information, please see About This Journal.

To access other volumes, see ID AND ANIMA UNA

Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology

ISSN 0794-8670

The Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology is a publication of the Ecumenical Association of Nigerian Theologians. Issues are released yearly and are available for ordering immediately by contacting Dr. Peter Osuji at Duquesne University. After two years, issues are made freely available through the Duquesne Scholarship Collection.

Cahiers Spiritains (Spiritan Papers Collection (English and French))

Cahiers Spiritains est un publication du Groupe D'Etudes Spiritaines qui est publie sous la forme d’un supplement à Bulletin General.

Cor Unum (Spiritan Collection)


Duquesne University's student-run science journal

Duquesne Criminal Law Journal (School of Law)

From the Introduction to Volume 1 Issue 1:
"This publication is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in the field of law in which the contours of "justice" are most profoundly defined. -- Bruce A. Antkowiak"

Duquesne Law Review (School of Law)

ISSN 0093-3058

This is an archival version of the journal. Please also see the Duquesne Law Review Website.

Duquesne Studies in Phenomenology

Duquesne Studies in Phenomenology is an explicitly interdisciplinary journal for phenomenological research. Drawing especially on philosophical and psychological approaches to phenomenological questions, the journal also promotes inquiry in fields such as communications and rhetoric, theology and religious studies, music, literature, and visual arts, and sociology and geography.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

First Class: A Journal of First-Year Composition

First Class publishes award-winning work by first-year students at Duquesne University.

Gathered Fragments (Catholic Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania)

Gathered Fragments is the journal of the Catholic Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. Issues are released yearly and are available for ordering immediately through the Catholic Historical Society website. After one year, issues are made freely available through Duquesne Scholarship Collection. For an overview of all published issues, see the Index to Gathered Fragments.

A complete coverage of the journal can be found under Aims & Scope.

Horizons Spiritains (Spiritan Horizons (English, French, and Portuguese))

ISSN 1933-1762

Horizontes Espiritanos (Spiritan Horizons (English, French, and Portuguese))

ISSN 1933-1762

Mémoire Spiritaine (Spiritan Collection)

ISSN 1254-2520

Mémoire Spiritaine se propose à tous comme une revue d'histoire missionnaire largement ouverte sur l'ensemble de la diffusion et de l'inculturation du christianisme, à travers — notamment mais pas uniquement — l'histoire des spiritains.

Middle Voices

Middle Voices is a journal of scholarly research published by the Department of Psychology at Duquesne University. As part of Duquesne’s longstanding tradition in human science psychology, the journal is concerned with cross- disciplinary intersections that inform our understanding of self and world.

Missão Espiritana (Spiritan Collection)

ISSN 1645-4790

Missão Espiritana: Revista das circunscrições espiritanas lusófonas

Phenomena: Duquesne Undergraduate Philosophy Society

The Duquesne Undergraduate Philosophy Society is proud to present Phenomena which features student research and written articles on a variety of philosophical concepts. With a focus on continental philosophy, this journal is foundational for students to contribute their thoughts to academic conversation.

Spiritan Horizons (Spiritan Horizons (English, French, and Portuguese))

ISSN 1933-1762

Spiritan Horizons seeks to further research into the history, spirituality, and tradition of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritan Magazine (Spiritan Collection)

Produced by the TransCanada Province of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost since 1973, Spiritan has been published under the titles Spiritan News and Spiritan Missionary News.

See About this Magazine for more information about this publication.

Spiritan Papers (Spiritan Papers Collection (English and French))

Spiritan Papers is a publication of the Spiritan Studies Group intended to promote interest and research into the history and spirituality of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. This publication serves as a supplement to the General Bulletin.


TEMPO is a magazine published by the Mary Pappert School of Music that chronicles the achievements and milestones of its students, faculty, and staff. See About This Journal for a complete coverage of the journal.