Gathered Fragments

Volume 26 (2016)

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Front Matter



History in Stone
George Appleyard


A Missioner’s Call – Sr. Maria del Rey Danforth, M.M.
Jennifer Halloran, Stephanie Conning, and Jessica Di Silvestro


End Matter

<p>Cover of Gathered Fragments Volume 26 showing a photo of the relief in the sanctuary of Sacred Heart Church in Shadyside. This relief was designed to depict all of the trades involved with the construction of the church. Architect Carlton Strong is depicted within this relief. Photo source is Kathleen Washy.

Board of Directors

Blanche G. McGuire
Mike Aquilina
John C. Bates
Msgr. Russel A. Duker
Joseph T. Makarewicz
Rev. Peter Murphy
Rev. Justin Pino
Kathleen M. Washy
Dennis Wodzinski


John C. Bates
Kathleen M. Washy